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Season of Discovery Rune Locations

Season of Discovery Rune Locations

Human Warrior Blood Rage: There is a wandering swordsman in Elwynn Forest, which is a rare monster. After you win the duel with him, he will give you a box. Pick it up and you will find the Blood Fury Inscription. The location is probably near the river east of Xiquan Fortress. Tauren WarriorBlood Rage: Near Mulgore 45.7, 36.3, roaming swordsman, dialogue, box obtained after winning the duel. Orcs, Trolls Warriors Thunder: The task of killing level 10 trolls in Senjin Village. The level 10 named task monster drops the Thunder Rune. Orcs and Troll Hunters Chimera: Scorpions dropped from Novice Village missions Orcs and Troll Hunters Explosive Shooting: Dropped by the Scorpion Leader Sarkos in the Novice Village Mission Orcs and Troll Hunters Flanking Strike: Kill monsters to get Durotar's meat, then go to the top island of Echo Island and summon an animal carcass. A JY Leopard will be summoned. Kill it and get flanking strike. runes Orcs and Troll Hunters Chiseling: Killing quilboars has a chance of dropping Viper Pheromone. After using it, you can tame the small animal Viper. Take it back to Razor Ridge and talk to the NPC Rykiel Snake Tamer at the door. I'll give it to you. You bring a friend and get runes Tauren Shaman Shield Mastery: After leaving the novice village, you will see a totem with lightning on the level 6-10 map. After right-clicking and interacting, you will get a holy object. With this holy object, you can get it after killing 10 creatures with lightning arrows. Orcs, Troll Shaman Ancestral Guidance: There is a skeleton at the Centaur position in Razor Hill. Find a healing profession and click on the door. An undead will appear. He will die and drop leg runes: Ancestor's Guidance. Human Thief Shadow Step: On the right side of Defias Vineyard, in the box between the two toilet houses. Coordinates 52 51, Human Thief Damage: Stealing Garrick inside North County can steal a note, and then become invisible at the outer wall of North County at coordinates 50.0 52.1.

Undead Thief Rapid Fire: Four map fragments are dropped from four types of monsters in the birthplace. They are dropped by the farmers on the farm in the upper left corner, the Scarlet Crusaders, Jackals and Evil Fin Murlocs next to them, and are combined into a treasure map. , you can get it by using it under the bridge west of Brill, the rapid-fire rune. Undead Thief Shadow Killer: Kill the mobs in the family tomb and drop the key. Go deep into the tomb and open a box to get it. Necromancer Breastplate plus critical strike: In the lake next to Brill, there is a frozen murloc, use fire spells to break it. Necromancer Living Flame: Obtained by killing the bloody warrior in the novice area

Human Mage Enlightenment: The robbed goods, the decryption inscription of the Tower of Azura, use the Sheep Transformation Technique on the small animals with Wild Transformation DEBUFF in Elwynn Forest, and obtain 6 Azura Apprentice Notes, which can be synthesized. Requires level 8 to learn to transform into a sheep

Troll Mage Ice Fingers: Kill trolls near Sen'jin Village

Dwarf Mage Ice Fingers: Find the rare elite wolf at level 10 by the lakeside in the Liquor Village.

Night Druid Flower of Life: There is a path on the lower left side of Oracle Woodland. There is a corpse when you go in. After clicking on him, find a teammate to help you click on the door. Runes will drop. Night Druid Sunfire Technique: Teldrassil 53.0 79.0, hit it with three light stones, paint a wreath behind it and open the treasure chest. Night Druid Seed of Life: A wreath will be refreshed on the ground in Teldrassil. Combine 3 flowers to form a wreath, and then use it on the ancient tree in Starwind Village. Defeat him to obtain the Seed of Life. Night Druid Laceration: Kill the bear-turned-druid at the bottom of the beast's lair mission

Dwarf Paladin Aegis: Fight the leper dwarf on the upper left side of Liquor Village. There is an NPC on the ground. The injured adventurer can cure his disease and poisoning, and you can talk to him and get the runes. Dwarf Paladin Paragon of Inspiration: In the Yeti Cave, there is a skeleton corpse. Talk to a priest and click on the door to get the Paragon of Inspiration Rune. The effect removes fear and sleep every 3 seconds and lasts for two minutes. The skill has no cooldown.

Human Paladin Aegis: When you enter the Yuquan Mine in Elwynn Forest, there is an NPC poisoned + disease on the left side of the spider. After you learn the Purity spell at level 8, you can use it on him. After you save him and talk to him, you can get the Aegis rune on the breastplate. Human Paladin Paragon of Inspiration: There is an adventurer corpse on the right side of Elwynn Forest Pier (52.2 84.6). After clicking, a warlock portal will appear. Another Paladin needs to click on the door together.

Dwarf Warlock Demonic Elegance: The wolf in Novice Village drops the wolf's jaw, the snowman next to Kalanos drops the snowman's blood, the troll in Glitter Ridge drops the Demon Summoning Book, take these three items to Glitter Ridge, there are A brown board, called a ritual stone. Using the above three items can summon a level 8 rare elite. After killing it, it will drop the Demonic Elegance Rune. Gnomish Warlock Haunted: Chest between two tents.

Human Warlock Demonic Tactics: Near the altar in Elwynn Forest 52.58, click on the corpse to talk to get the props, then go to the storm's underground to talk, go back and talk to the basement to get the demonic tactics Human Warlock Demonic Grace: Near Elwynn Forest [52,58], there is a small house with several Defias monsters next to it. Among them is a level 9 mage monster, which will drop a book of [Ominous] after killing it. Book], which reads "Put the wolf's chin and the gnoll's blood into the lamb's belly, and then begin to recite the incantation." Go fight wolves and gnolls to drop the corresponding items, then go to the bottom of the lamb to be slaughtered in the mage area of Stormwind City, use the book to summon a level 9 demon, and you can get it after killing it. In addition, you don’t have to fight this kind of mage monster. The mage monsters above the lumberyard and the kobold mage in the jade mine will also drop. Human Warlock Chaos Arrow: There is a frozen murloc near Stone Tablet Lake (77, 53). Group 2 Warlocks. A total of 3 Warlocks and 3 Imps will use fire spells on him. After rescuing him, you can get the Hand Rune Chaos. arrow

Orcs, Troll Warlocks
Demonic Elegance: Get the Unknown Tome from the trolls in the Echo Islands, the lobstermen in the water next to them get the legs of the lobstermen, and get the skulls of the humans and Kul Tirans from the castle below Razor Ridge. , take three of them to the magic circle on the Echo Islands to summon rare demons, and kill them to obtain Necromancer Demonic Elegance: Kill the monsters to get rid of the ominous tome, then go to the back door of the Undercity with the hound jaw and the blood of the jackal to find the magic circle, then summon the demon and kill it to obtain it. Necromancer Demonic Tactics: Tirisfal Glades 74.45 There is a dead acolyte lying there, talk to it, take the backpack, and after opening it, you will get a mysterious artifact. Go to UA and talk to the warlock trainer and get an empty artifact. After getting it, go to the dead aide (near the small stone tablet) and use the empty artifact to fill it up. Go to Karen Din (the one who taught you Blue Fatty) with the full artifact and get the runes.

Where to find Divine Storm Rune for Paladin

  1. The northernmost part of the Black Coast, Tower of Orak'sas.
  2. Touch the "Strange Sphere" at the top.
  3. In Ashenvale, find Purifier Delgren at Maestra's Post, complete quests and receive new ones, next step is Stormwind City.
  4. QS Trainer - Pure Katherine, complete quests and receive new ones.
  5. Stormwind City SS Trainer - Ursula Deline asks you to go to Redridge Mountains and kill Blackrock Summoners, level 25 monsters; in fact, all Blackrock monsters drop quest items.
  6. Go to Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale and kill Felstalkers there; collect 12 particles then go to Manalos' Weapons Depot.
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